Cathode Rays

Conrad C Weres

Everyone has had the experience of being exhausted, to the point of frustration and questioning of the motives for our overly packed lifestyles. We trudge through school everyday; some of us, like myself, come home to another five, six, eight hours of work. In the end we all hope to achieve that job. The job that either has been idolized by ourselves or perhaps idolized by the pursuit of wealth that correlates with a commercialized happiness. So once we’re done with our work here in school, high school or college, we will be forced to dive head first into the nine to five workdays that we have work so hard to achieve. The point of this piece is to outline the idea of relaxation. Moreover, it is to express the idea that we are never relaxed, there is no leisure, there is no rest. This perpetual work state we have been put into is just causing us to go through daily motions which at a point don’t even require thought. The man in the photo is supposed to exemplify this idea, take the idea and put it into something that my words can’t. They used to call him a “Yuppy”. One who has just graduated college and is thrown into the life that he and others deem successful. Yet even after he has been released from his desk job, the activities that we commonly know to be relaxing and stress free seem to be affecting him. This is because he is caught in his schedule. Waking up to a job so that he can make his money, come home, and rinse and repeat the next morning. He finds it hard to even be comfortable in being solitary; he finds it hard to relax, for he already knows what awaits him the next day. So he sits there. He makes sure that his posture is straight, not letting his guard down, remaining professional for no one but himself. He has become a part of a machine. He perhaps is just a machine as well. A machine of the endless work that we all work to achieve.


Artist’s Statement: The T.V. was gutted from the inside, the glass replaced for the screen, print mounted inside, and a lightbulb was wired to the inside to illuminate it more. I spent a lot of time on this and I would like to thank the school for cooperating with me, as well as the glass cutting company who cut the glass for me for free, teachers from other schools to help with the print, and most importantly my subject, Ryan Woodman.

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